Shutdown and turnarounds

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Shutdown and Turnaround Services

Petrochem Expert Engineering provides a comprehensive solution encompassing shutdown and turnaround services, offering a complete project lifecycle approach. From initiation to completion, we maintain direct control over all crucial aspects, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. With the ability to handle projects of different scales and complexities, we possess the capacity to manage multiple turnarounds and shutdowns simultaneously.

Ensuring the safety and productivity of industrial processing plants requires regular shutdown services and oil and gas turnarounds, in compliance with evolving QHSE standards. Failing to conduct these events with utmost safety and efficiency can lead to substantial losses for businesses, employees, and the environment. The financial implications of even a single day of downtime underscore the importance of delivering secure shutdown services and minimizing their frequency and duration.

Efficient Shutdown and Turnaround Execution

Experience efficient and streamlined shutdown and turnaround services that minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Comprehensive Project Management

We handle all aspects of the project, from planning to budgeting, scheduling, and coordination, utilizing advanced project management tools and techniques to ensure seamless execution and timely completion.

Workforce and Vendor Management

We ensure access to the right talent and handle vendor relationships, allowing you to focus on your core operations while we efficiently manage your workforce and procurement needs.

Streamlined Turnaround and Shutdown Services for Optimal Plant Maintenance

Petrochem Expert Engineering excel in providing meticulous planning and development of work packages for maintenance shutdowns. Additionally, we possess the capacity to mobilize a skilled workforce to execute specific projects. Turnarounds and shutdown services are a core focus of our business, and we employ a disciplined, multi-phase approach to meticulously plan, schedule, manage, and execute projects of any scale.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure the swift and safe restoration of your plant, optimizing its operational efficiency. Leveraging our multidisciplinary expertise, we are capable of successfully delivering shutdowns and turnarounds across diverse industries, including refining, petrochemicals, upstream oil and gas, power generation, and heavy industries.

Advantages of Working with Petrochem Expert Engineering

Work Flow

How We Do Our Work Process!

Initial Assessment

Our experienced team conducts an in-depth analysis of your operational requirements to develop a shutdown or turnaround strategy.

Collaborative Scheduling

Optimizing multi-region expertise and streamlined processes for minimal downtime, while consistently maintaining high-quality repairs.

Global Execution

We implement the necessary tasks across our various locations, ensuring efficiency and adherence to international standards.

Comprehensive Evaluation

After a safe restart, we thoroughly evaluate tasks to surpass customer expectations and validate their completion.

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Frequently asked questions

A shutdown and turnaround refers to a planned event where a facility or plant suspends its normal operations temporarily for maintenance, inspections, repairs, or upgrades. It involves shutting down equipment, conducting necessary maintenance activities, and ensuring everything is in optimal working condition before resuming operations.


Shutdowns and turnarounds are essential for ensuring the long-term integrity and reliability of industrial facilities. They allow for inspections, repairs, equipment replacements, and upgrades that cannot be performed during regular operation. These activities help maintain safety, prevent equipment failures, optimize performance, and comply with regulatory requirements.


The duration of a shutdown and turnaround can vary depending on the size and complexity of the facility and the scope of work involved. It can range from a few days to several weeks or even months, depending on the extent of maintenance, repairs, and modifications required.


The planning process for a shutdown and turnaround involves detailed analysis, assessment, and scheduling of all required maintenance activities. It includes developing work packages, defining scope and objectives, resource allocation, budgeting, and creating a comprehensive project timeline to ensure smooth execution.


Safety is a top priority during shutdowns and turnarounds. Stringent safety protocols, procedures, and risk assessments are implemented to ensure the well-being of all personnel involved. Safety training, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and adherence to industry regulations are key components to maintain a safe working environment.


Yes, our company has the capacity to mobilize a skilled workforce for shutdown and turnaround projects. We have a network of experienced professionals in various disciplines, including technicians, engineers, supervisors, and project managers, who are well-versed in executing shutdown and turnaround activities efficiently and effectively.

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