Quality Assurance (QA/QC)

Quality Assurance Standards & Quality Control

Petrochemexpert Engineering is committed to provide the highest quality of services to its customers as per internationally acceptable standards. Consistently meet this commitment. Petrochemexpert has an independent QA/QC Department. QA/QC department fully supported by the top management & employees at all levels. We redefine safety, reliability, and performance, setting unparalleled benchmarks. With our gold-standard quality assurance standards and quality control your performance processes will elevate. No compromises, only excellence in every aspect of your petrochemical operations. Trust in our standards for a new era of precision.

Quality  Management Systems

Petrochemexpert has a fully documented Quality Management System.

Quality Manual

The Quality Manual details the quality policy, quality system procedures, quality organization & the responsibility & authority of the key personnel. It also defines the channels for communication with the customer so as to cater to his specific requirements.

Quality Assurance Procedures

Petrochemexpert Quality Department has developed its quality assurance procedures for all departments including Business Development, Proposals, Planning, Human Resources, Quality, Procurement, Stores, Production, Maintenance & Subcontracting, & Information Technology Resources.

Work Instructions

In-order to attain ultimate quality control over its products petrochemexpert follows its standard Work Instructions.

Implementation, Monitoring & Improvements

The QA/QC in-charge is also responsible for a constant review of the quality manual, procedures, plans & work instructions.

Quality Audits

Internal quality audit is also conducted at an interval of 6 months by qualified internal auditors.

Site Monitoring & Implementation

Assurance of Quality at site is the direct responsibility of Quality Control Engineer. He reports to Manager Quality control at the branch office. Prior to execution of jobs, Quality Inspection Plans are prepared for each job. The work execution is monitored by the QA/QC as per Quality Inspection Plan. All inspection activities recorded in their appropriate approved format. Upon completion of the project, a complete inspection record is submitted in the shape of an inspection Dossier.  

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